Another stupid photo. My messy office. It’s completely disorganized and messy. Everything is everywhere. I need to clean up these stuff. But oh well, I need some storage things, like block cases, shelfs and others. The only stuff I have now it’s only this secretary and it’s really cool, from IKEA.

Hahah… this photo is so stupid… it’s me! In the bar on the beach. I stopped there a little to take some notes and take a coffee… the coffee… ;) I returned to shoot with my old compact Sony 4Mpix… it’s cool you know? Return to our bases. The most things I know today about photography and editing I learned with this camera!

Today, as Saturday and as Weekend I went to the beach try to make some photos… the result is nothing in special… I have to try harder and the hour that I went is no good… (14h o’clock). The results are relative simple, nothing complicated or amazing… it was simply another try.

My 8th photo of this set. It’s my incredible notebook! Pencil and… write! Everyone use this one a time in their life. It’s easy to use and very portable. I put there notes about photography, work, myself, to do lists and draws… ok… everything that go trough my mind.

Well, a memory to the best way of making backups :) Wire! When I was making my backups, even with a theory max speed of 6.7 MB/s (Wireless), i only had 1.5MB/s, router fault. My lucky was to have extra network cables. If not, I have done backups until today!