This is only a normal USB pen drive with 1GB storage… but is incredible how many times it has saved my life. Lost works, stuff to print, a rescue memory to push a little more when I’m doing backups… and it’s a simple usb pen drive :) In fact, I have to renew my external storage set… I have only 2 pens (256MB :O and 1GB) drives. A 8GB pen is enough for now!

Well, another simple photography. With this photo I trying to represent the long path we have to take to realize our dreams and to see our wishes done. The metal represents the infinite loop around the world and the connections we made across “the paper”, our friends. Each paper represents a day life or a night dream… a untouchable reality of ours and only ours.

Well, the jack of my headphones . At the moment I don’t use this pair because of the… Mr Jack. The cable is doing bad contact and it’s uncomfortable to list music in this state. This photo was on my desk… to be different :) For curiosity, the contact point between the jacks is in the 2/3 point to the right and 1/3 point to the bottom.

My paper rainbow! I was trying to shoot one with movement, but I come with this idea and I think it results better. I personally like the reflection, my dinner table and my office desk are made of glass… it’s interesting to take shoots there. But sadly, I focused on the reflection…

A day late. Yesterday I have been out and no opportunity to get a picture. It will be a double post day… behh… I don’t have nothing much to describe about yesterday :)