Another experimental photos of some batteries which I use in my draw table. Most of them are without charge at now… because I spent most of it on my movie camera, making some experimental movies on the car.

A photo from my old headphones… I need a new set. These ones are very good and they still work, but I have to change the cable’s jack. Another exploration of reflections, but I detected a bug… there are more than headphones reflection :(

How the time pass… I decided to take a photo of my equipment. :)

My school theme is almost in the end. I have to think yet what will be the next theme… I have only 4 days to think. This photo is school related directly. It’s the university’s Pin. They gave me one when I entered to the school, at now it walks with me on the baggage.

Another simple composition. An idea come from my kitty! It’s awesome. He was playing with the dvd’s polystyrene. I look at him and remembered of made a fast stand for the pens. Ok, the stand isn’t very efficient but I liked it for the composition, light effects and reflex.