My calculator! I love it! And… damn. I take the photo some minutes before the midnight but only update this blog some time later :P Eheh

Some marker pens. This is a result of some experiments with those markers. I need a better light system, but the idea was show something in movement. I couldn’t move the 4 markers at the same time to get this effect, so I rotate the camera :) Without tripod and adjusting by eye. It looks cool :P

Yes it’s real… it’s an hard drive. 160 GB storage :) It’s my portable hard disk (2.5”). It’s a piece of gold for people who want their information always with backup and fast access. This is one of my 3 external drives (2 x 3.5” e 1 x 2.5”) in a total of 500 + 80 + 160 = 740 GB. Not to much, but the needed for now.

Ok, back to the real day. This is my draw table, a awesome tool for who likes to draw, paint and do another cool stuff. Unfortunately, I’m using it in rare times. Mostly because I have it here and I’m here very during very small times. I will bring it with me tomorrow for Monte Abraao.

Actually, I’m cheating! This was my idea for 11th photography but, I only arrive at this home very late yesterday. I only realize the idea today. Again, this is another messy office of mine. I’m building plans for this one because many things will go out and I want to give a more futuristic look :)