Yesterday I been backing up all my laptop data and, because of that I only have done an update to the Flickr gallery. Do backups it’s a tedious job… we cannot leave anything behind

My fourth picture. It’s more books… and yes… a messy. I don’t have any shelfs to put things in order. My office will stay empty for a while and for that I have all the stuff in the floor. This is a mini library with some interesting stuff and some school books.

Hello! Let’s post one more picture! The picture of the day! I woke up and pass my all day working on these numerical works! Ok, the funniest thing it’s that I’m learning a lot, much more now that in the classes! This is a picture of the book that I’m currently using, “Calculo Cientifico com Matlab e Octave”, I don’t like it very much but… for now, I don’t have another.

This month I adopted a new theme “Work and Studies”. After thinking a little and after the first photo be the fireworks with hope of a better year, I believe that will be also nice to show a little about work and studies, it’s a little different theme.

I introduce my P365/10 Project with a photo taken some minutes after the midnight. Ok, to be true I wanted to put the very first photography of the year, taken at 00:01 (Machine Clock) but the result was so bad that I have shame to put it here :P