P365/10 Day054 - Shooting the clouds

My second shoot of clouds… 30 seconds exposure F36!

Today was a pacific day. I have stay at home to rest from this last days. But it’s amazing, the project that I was done had a great launch today, on TV. You can see it at http://www.pordata.pt, we can see there many stats about the last fifty years on Portugal. Give it a try.

In other instance, my website is making me sad… I almost don’t have visits… and I think that it’s mostly because I don’t post anything useful and my English is very poor… gahh… I need more and more practice! Currently I’m coding at home my implementation of Sparse Matrix in C, I want to post the code here when it’s come finish. I had a problem with the algorithm, but in the other day I fixed it… it was a bad condition in the linked lists.

Well, let’s try hard to improve this :P

Regards, Daniel

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