P365/10 Day047 - Hand

Talk to the Hand! :) This is a picture of my left hand. I like it, mostly because the details of the skin. I’m on the mood to put a face on this picture… and… talk to the hand! Eheh.

Another day, more activity. Today was Carnaval, it’s a big party in many places. In Portugal, some people take the day off to enjoy, some others work.

It was a good day, even with the lack of trains to the city. When I went to the work, during the morning, I had time to read a lot of pages of the “Tiger’s Child”, written by Torey Hayden (“A Criança que não chorava”, Portuguese title). I’m liking very much this book like the last I read “One Child” (“A Criança que não falava”, Portuguese title). I’m using all this little times to do something useful.

My work day ran very well, I’m learning to work with OutSystems framework very fast. Sometimes I break my mind with something, but in a geral way, I’m working well.

During coming back travel, I read a lot more and I’m planning to start study Waves and Optics for school.

Well, this is it, for today.

Regards, Daniel Bento

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