P365/10 Day046 - Cookie

I need cookies! Everyone need cookies to survive! How can you work until late hours without this precious food? This is a quite simple photography, taken on my secretary :)

My day today was very calm. No much worries. Hum, except some minutes ago, for the first time I punish my kitty. I put her bed on the kitchen and he’s there now for a while,until he calm down. Not a very special reason, but he is a little hiper active today. Can be the cookies? I don’t know :) But for sure he learn something… I cannot hear nothing, he understood that what he done was wrong.

Well, besides that. My days have been passed very calm, I’m working on a full time job and that is great. I’m trying my best to keep myself busy, because that’s what I like.

I will change my Internet/TV/Phone provider at my parents home. Meo service is giving a better price for the service and I don’t have to pay three accounts. One it’s enough. In the other hand, I have to disassemble my AMD 2600+. I need to see if it was the processor that died in the other day, I cannot loose that machine. But if it died, I need to buy a Socket A (462) processor for my Abit AN7. That motherboard is damn good to be without working.

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