P365/10 Day024 - Studing

I wrote this paper in the begging of the month when I was studding for Numerical Analysis. I was looking to it today, when I came with this photo idea. It’s a simple photo but was a challenge to take it because of the position. I had to took it with the left hand, in the vertical and that is not a good standing for a photo, mainly when I’m trying to catch my right hand on the paper…

Another productive day. This blog is winning a new design, I hope to get it finished. It’s interesting not only because it’s a new image, but because I’m learning a lot of new things about Wordpress and how it works.

But, I can forget that I have an exam of Thermodynamics to do, yet. I need to start study and prepare myself to it, I think I will do the same thing I did in the other day. Went to the coffee for study.

Regards, Daniel Bento

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