P365/10 Day024 - Avoid Credit Lines

I had the idea of capture this image when I was looking to a old store catalog. I tried to represent “a cut” on credit lines. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get credit and get an extra few bucks. But, for many reasons which I believe that most of us know, many people get involved with a lot of problems. It’s a decision, but how much we pay for that easy credit we saw in the other day on the TV “Call to the number XXX XXX XXX and get 5000+ Euros and pay on the next year”… In the end, we will pay the twice we ask…

For great problems we have great solutions and, even without a problem… I came with a solution. :) Just kidding. Today was a good work day. During the morning I didn’t do anything special and after the lunch, I came to Monte Abraão.

During the afternoon I used most of the time to develop my Wordpress theme. It needs a lot of retouches yet. Most of the pages aren’t created yet, but it’s nice to see the website working on a real environment… go off Photoshop.

I have to get used to some proprieties of Wordpress and how some other things work. But it have been fun doing this!

Regards, Daniel Bento

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