P365/10 Day019

Well, another simple photography. With this photo I trying to represent the long path we have to take to realize our dreams and to see our wishes done. The metal represents the infinite loop around the world and the connections we made across “the paper”, our friends. Each paper represents a day life or a night dream… a untouchable reality of ours and only ours.

I don’t have a long story to tell today. Besides study or read articles, my day was a little depressive… we all have that days :)

It’s incredible how can a day be so stupid… ahah. Ah, good thing, I learn a lot of hash tables today. Ok, it’s not for school but I want to code something in C with hash tables. Just fun :)

I’m thinking where I will fit here a page with links and stuff like that. I’m sure that my friends and followers are mad with me because I don’t link to them :D I’m sorry!!

Next theme for this blog will come soon, made by me this time! :)

Regards, Daniel Bento

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