P365/10 Day014

Some marker pens. This is a result of some experiments with those markers. I need a better light system, but the idea was show something in movement. I couldn’t move the 4 markers at the same time to get this effect, so I rotate the camera :) Without tripod and adjusting by eye. It looks cool :P

Another study day. Numerical Methods to solve Differential Equations of Second Order. Besides that, I was reading some stuff about security.

During the afternoon I went to an interview for a development charge and went to the association to talk a little about random stuff. It was a good afternoon. I talked about some personal stuff, about computers, about math, about design and about games. Ahah, it’s very rare to play a game on a pc… I’m a console player… a playstation player :)

My dinner today was a big plate of pasta. I was the cooker or… the semi cooker :).

For now, it’s my 14th photography!

Regards, Daniel Bento

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