P365/10 Day012

Ok, back to the real day. This is my draw table, a awesome tool for who likes to draw, paint and do another cool stuff. Unfortunately, I’m using it in rare times. Mostly because I have it here and I’m here very during very small times. I will bring it with me tomorrow for Monte Abraao.

I forgot to mention in the last post, I painted a t-shirt too. Abstract, I let it dry until tomorrow. Some of my ideas are paintings, not computer painting, but “real painting”. I like abstract, maybe I will try that first… :)

I love my kitty, or my cat… it have almost 5 months and she sleep with me. It’s here, in my legs making “rum rum” :) It’s my first domestic animal, it’s very funny. I lived alone, now I lived with Misa… it’s a wonderful presence. It makes me think, why people abandon their animals… They are so… kind… Eheh :D

Regards, Daniel Bento

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