P365/10 Day004

My fourth picture. It’s more books… and yes… a messy. I don’t have any shelfs to put things in order. My office will stay empty for a while and for that I have all the stuff in the floor. This is a mini library with some interesting stuff and some school books.

In this mini library I have books Physics, Mathematics, Network, Internet, Programming, Psychology and some others… I like so much stuff. I want to put there some more books about biology, neurology, electronics and, of course… some photography books :) Actually, it’s kinda sad “to be a photographer” and don’t any photography book. I will have that day!

Today, I’m resting a little. A took the day off to do another things like cleaning and play with the kitty. I had started to program too, an C application to generate sparse matrix. It’s funny. I want to go outside and take some shoots, but my imagination is empty… and I want to do different stuff. Builds, grass, water, gardens we see a lot… I want to create! :) That’s my thought for 2010! Create and Innovate!

Regards, Daniel Bento

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