P365/10 Day001

I introduce my P365/10 Project with a photo taken some minutes after the midnight. Ok, to be true I wanted to put the very first photography of the year, taken at 00:01 (Machine Clock) but the result was so bad that I have shame to put it here :P It was raining and because of that, it’s possible to see marks of the water on the lens. After seeing the results of this night shoot I found myself disappointed because the celebration of the New Year in 2009 was much intense and the photographic results much better, even without much experience with a DSLR camera. With the lack of fire, most photos only have small portions of light and no smoke. In the last year I found wonderful pictures with smoke and strong lightness. For a fireworks like this, is more comfortable to shoot with a tripod and try to take only good pictures of a frame. It’s difficult to catch interesting pictures in movement. Ok, but at the moment I don’t have a tripod… my last one broke.

During the night, until the midnight I was looking for some other photos and I took some good results of a water Vulcan. Using trash bin and other supports like this, I took some small panoramas of the Tagus River. After the fireworks, my cards was full and because drunk people I prefer to go home in that moment.

Well, wait for tomorrow photo ;) I’m thinking yet if I will do a month theme or not.

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